It is easy to start forgetting someone if they are no longer with us. I think it is just a subliminal human trait to forget in order to heal. When I began looking through the box, I found myself under a torrent of memory, brought back by the photographs. Remembering how my Grandmother used to be, and how she used to make me feel. During her steady decline from Altzhiemers, it was difficult to see the marvellous woman she used to be – the hub of my family. To me the box is more a metaphor, filled with her memories that got locked away sometime in her later life. She kept them for me, to see and share with everyone.

I have recently done a shoot of my Grandmothers box in the studio. This particular shot is a self portrait, of me hanging photographs on a mobile. The main influence for this shot was my Grandmother’s memories and the fact that time is only relative. I feel that the longer time has passed, the more of a blur the memories seem. This is my attempt to remember.


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