The Hanging Mobile

The Hanging Mobile is a representation of my Grandmothers important memories, ones that I have chosen myself from the memory box. These memories included; pictures of my Grandparents and my Mother together and letters from my Mother, Drawings to my Grandmother from my Sister and myself, a receipt for a fur coat (a gift to my Grandfather to my Grandmother), pictures of my sister and myself with my grandmother, and mainly photographs of my Grandmother in her glory days.

This photograph means to me many things; Forever changing time – life is fragile and easily lost. Personal memory; the things we take with us our whole lives, a mental memory box where we lock away our importants for pondering on at a later date. The gradual loss of the past; getting older inevitably makes remembering things increasingly challenging, creating a blur between reality and imagination.

This is a physical representation of the floating memories, the ones that are important enough to come back to us, again and again throughout our lives.


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