Silver Gelatine Emulsion (or Liquid Light)

When searching through the vast expanses of my family photo collection, I came across some old negatives and within them, a picture of my Mother when she was aged 14. The photograph may have been taken without her knowledge as she is looking away from the camera, creating an almost profile of her young face.

In the darkroom I started experimenting with Silver Gelatine Emulsion (or Liquid Light, for the sake of brand names). I attempted to portray the theory I have visited in Camera Lucida, where photographs work to distort and replace our true memories. There is four photographs in total; making a series of which begins with a portrait that gradually dissipates.

To make these images, I first projected the image onto water colour paper and drew around my Mothers figure. I then painted Silver Gelatine Emulsion onto the paper, and exposed the image. To create the exploding effect, I used developer with a paintbrush using the drawing as a guide.


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