Taking the Pictures Home

My project took an interesting turn, when I took some pictures from my childhood back to the places they were taken. It was interesting to see how the environment had changed, or in most cases (as my humble seaside town is quite slow moving) rather aged than changed.

Whist I was fiddling with my camera, taking pictures of my memories, two children came and sat down on the very bench this photograph was taken. In turn, their father asked them to pose whilst he got his camera ready. I had an overwhelming feeling, the fact that things had been the same in my town since I can remember. The place of my memories are part of so many lives. Will these children be coming back to this wooden bench when they are older? Talking to their children about how they once posed with their brother and sister in that very spot? All I can hope is that this place stays the way it always has been. I think I find comfort in that.

From taking these photographs to the spot they had been taken, I felt the ‘vertigo’ that was described by Barthes in his book Camera Lucida. I felt myself wishing that I could be there, taking the picture of myself.

If you could go back, what would you say? Could you (or would you want to) change anything? Thinking back, would you have listened to a stranger telling you about your future? Could you have made your life better? Or worse?

Some of the many questions I have been pondering, which this project in stow.


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