Back to the Future

Myself, aged 22. My Older Sister, aged 7. My Grandfather, who doesn’t age.

My daughter, aged 2. My sister, aged 8. Myself, aged 18 months. My Father, aged 45.

When looking at the work of Chino Otsuka, I admired the skill involved in her super imposed double self portraits and decided to try it myself. Chino Otsuka visits herself in her photographs in her show stopping gallery called ‘Imagine Finding Me’.

The show is introduced by a short poetic sentence;



I have a chance to meet

There is so much I want to ask

And so much I want to tell”

1982 and 2005, Paris, France

“A new journey has begun,

on board a time machine built of digital tools.

I’m traveling back

transported to places where I once belonged,

cities where I once visited

and on arrival I find myself in the past.

Navigating through a labyrinth of memory

I become a tourist in my own history.

And throughout this unique journey I keep a diary.”

1976 and 2005, Kamakura, Japan

Her journey is intimate and sensitive, and the photographs are flawlessly edited. It is her journey into her memories and she does so with beautiful poetic style. I particularly like her double self portraits, as one would not necessarily know unless looking at the accompanied title, that it was a digitally enhanced image.

Chino Otsuka has really helped me to establish a better understanding in the portrayal of memory in digital manipulation. I have begun to make a photo album based on a Polaroid album of my Mother and Fathers first holiday together in Tintagel. After dismantling the album, I have selected a few to reenact. Creating a photo album of pictures linked by place with a difference in time.

With this in mind I will then put the collection of photographs I have achieved so far in there too; creating a chronologically unique family photo album. Sarting with my Parents as toddlers, to their Grandchildren now.

Reference of text and images:


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