The Exhibition

“Since a child, I have felt a nostalgic sense with anything old, including the musty smell of old photographs and discovering my Grandmother`s photo chest, it became my Treasure Trove.

Connecting faces with photographs was intriguing and the idea of basing a new set using the same locations and subjects enhanced my nostalgic theme.

The construction of this body of work is based on memory and glimpses into my family history.

Tintagel, where my parents had their first holiday together in the 1970`s was revisited and the original locations found and re-shot after nearly forty years! This created an interesting `now and then` scenario, whilst also providing a surrealistic feel to the photographs.” Artist Statement

The Exhibition; Blown up images of my Mother and Father from their first holiday together, alongside the new images I have taken in 2012 of which have been nailed and pulled out to project the photographs from the wall. In between the photographs I positioned family photographs set out in chronological order; the fist line, of my Mother and Father with their Parents, the second line my Sister and Myself, with consistency to place and age. Below, on a shelf, the photograph album I created with my old and new edited images.

I chose to accompany my work with old images pegged to twine, of which I soaked in coffee, to bring the feelings of nostalgia and ‘times past’ or (as Barthes would say) ‘That-has-been’ to my work. Coffee has been a major part of my family life, ever since I can remember. The frequently uttered ‘Is it coffee time?’ will be forever imprinted on my memory, and this was my way of creating displaying this memory in a sensory way.

Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome of the exhibition. I feel that I have done as much as I could do in the time that I had available. If i had more time, I would take into account all the slide film I have stored and would make an installation, projecting moments through the old photographs of which i would hang in front of a screen, to emphasise the elements of the photograph; light and time.


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