The Photo Album of ‘Then and Now’

The photograph album I made consisting of old and new photographs took a long length of time to complete. I have set it out in chronological order, beginning with my Parents at a young age, to their Grandchildren now. In this post I have included only a few of the pages of the nearly 60 page book I have made.

Mum’s Page; I have attached hand made paper, a fold out photo collection of pictures that I feel show her trueness, a postcard from India and a poem she wrote for me when I was 7, rewritten on acetate. This page also includes my Mother and Grandmother dressed as Air Hostesses, black and white photographs of when she was about 2 and a photograph of my Grandparents.

Dad’s Page; I have attached postcards written to his family in lower case(since I can remember he has always written in capitals), newspaper cut outs my Grandmother kept, from when he was a drummer in a local band and a photograph that has mystified my family for years. Also the Coca Cola badge of which my father cherished as a child, and are in two of the pictures.

There are many reasons behind creating an album of collaborated photographs, to explore the way in which we collect memories; how we replace them with an object which merely reflects a fleeting moment. I reenacted, reconstructed and edited photographs from my childhood in order to breath life back into (and truly feel them) again.

The Tintagel Holiday; Then and Now; My mother used to collect flowers and various flora for pressing, so throughout our trip I collected specimens from the places I took the photographs, displaying them in pockets attached to the rice paper that separates the photographs.


Mum and Dad Married, 1980; My mother kept confetti and rice from her wedding, storing it in a little pot (I can still remember loving the sound of the lid). So again I have displayed the confetti on the paper in a pouch to coincide with the translucency of a physical memory.

The First Child; My Sister Elizabeth; in this entry I have made my sister reenact a picture of her when she was 4, wearing my Fathers headphones. To emphasise the differences, I printed each picture at A4 and printed the former on acetate. With this in mind, it is easy to see how her face has changed (although her ‘Ferris Eyes’ have stayed the same).


Elizabeth; here I have attached a card that my Sister made for my Grandmother. Inside it says “A Friend Of Mine” and a postcard from my Sisters first school holiday away.


The Blenheim Years; In 1988 my Mother and Father moved to Dawlish from Epsom to run a B+B. A year after they moved, I was born. They tell me of when I was a baby, my Father used to have to push me in the pram around Dawlish for miles, as I wouldn’t sleep, I just wanted to be held all the time. Meanwhile, my Mother would single handedly run The Blenheim. Needless to say, as soon as he got in the front door, I would wake up.

Myself; In this entry, I have positioned a picture of myself and my Daughter adorning a ‘look’ that I must have genetically passed down. Attatched is a picture I wrote to my Father. My Mother has always said that both my Father and sister could win awards for the amount of time they could hold a grudge with someone; which is undeniably true. She would say, “Why don’t you draw him a picture? He would like that.”  Such fond memories.


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