The Blur of Memories

To progress my ideas on memory further I have begun to experiment with some old slide film of me as a child. I set up a projector in the studio with a digital camera set to a long exposure ranging from 30 seconds to 8 seconds. I set the camera on a timer switch and during the exposure, flipped through the slides to create a montage of faded images, reminiscent of what may occur in your mind, as you flip through memories of past experiences.

This is a photograph comprised of an image of me and my Father, and the Bed and Breakfast where I grew up. Two images that in my mind will always be linked.

An image comprised of a photograph of myself in my first few hours, and an early picture of my Sister and I. Me and my Sister were extremely close in our early years, I still remember the games we used to play when we used to share a room.

A image made up of two slides of me in my first few hours of life, my mothers arm cradling me. This is where my story began, as a tender new born, with nothing but a second name inscribed on plastic rings around my wrist and ankle. A memorable day for my parents, who named me after my midwife.

Inspiration from this shoot came from the work of Hamish Gane. A photographer who deals with the subject of memory and family.

These images by Hamish Gane, are taken with a long exposure, on colour film. He used a box of old super-8 film that he inherited from a family member.

Images taken from :


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