Carol Harvey – Familiars

There is not much I found on an artist called Carol Harvey, who is a local artist recommended to me. Her website is very minimalistic, with a small description about herself. She describes her work as being about the subject of displacement, and made a series of photographs of old teddy bears she called ‘Familiars’.

The photographs are portraits taken in landscape, making the viewer feel as if more is needed to be seen in the photograph; making us feel the familiar feelings of a need to be closer.
I really enjoy this particular series of photographs, as she really shows the temperate nature these toys share with us. Often loved for many years and then forgotten, maybe even abandoned. When looking at these photographs I am reminded of the story of the velveteen rabbit, a story I have read to my daughter about a toy rabbit that gains a soul and becomes ‘real’. These teddy bears that she has photographed, to me look like they have a soul. Which is something that I have tried to reflect in my own photographs of toys.


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