My Grandfather at his home in Devon

These photographs are from a recent shoot I took of my Grandfather, at his home. I attempted to show what his life is like on a daily basis.I have split grade printed these photographs, as it was very dark in my Grandfathers house, printing in this way gave the images more detail and tone. 

I felt sad following him around, he seems to stop and stare a great deal. It is quite emotional watching him, it is like he has lost something; always thinking, searching, worrying.

This portrait of him, taken outside in his garden, reminds me of the work of Richard Avedon and his portfolio of photographs called ‘The American West’. Avedon was a fashion and art photographer that was hugely popular from the 60’s onwards, taking portraits of many celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and artists such as Picasso, De Kooning and Salivdore Dali.

Roger Baldwin, founder, American Civil Liberties Union

Photograph taken from:


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