Projections of the Past

In order to convey my theme of ‘time’, I have decided to project images from old family slide film onto my body.

There was a great deal of challenge in taking these photographs; setting up the shot, changing the slide and taking the picture, and in the end, I used the timer switch to take the photograph. I attempted many compositions; far away shots that include projections on the backdrop – which I found didn’t work as well as the close up portraits.

‘Rush’ of memory, Self portrait, 2012 – I used a fan to blow my hair to create a literal rush of memory. This photograph is a connotation of memory, identity and personal experience. It has lovely colour, much like the light through a stained glass window. I like how the projection is just on my face, making the projected image part of my skin, my being, my soul.

Sand, Self portrait,2012 – This is an image of myself as a young child, running along the beach in Dawlish where we lived, and myself now, in the studio. The sand reflects my skin tone perfectly, like the sand is part of my back, and the memory as lucid as the footprints I once left. It is often that a photograph can be used to prompt a memory, of an event, a feeling or a place. But I don’t remember this photograph being taken, nor do I remember the exact day or time; this photograph has been bracketed as ‘my past in general’ and is nothing but a record of my form at that non-specific time. Never the less, who I was then, is still who I am now, and is therefore a representation of the aspect of time; how it changes us and how our environment and our friends and family shape us.

The Beach, Self Portrait, 2012 – This projection is of my sister with a giant rubber ring with the name of my parents hotel on it, and myself running towards the camera. The hotel was right on the beach which meant as children we were there a great deal. The sea has been a big part of my life, the sound of the waves has always comforted me, which is why I have projected this image onto my back; the strongest part of my body. I love the reflection of my shadow on the backdrop, it is like a piece of me has been cut out of the image and thoughts about displacement come to mind, which I have looked at previously with Carol Harvey and the Lost Toys.

I have looked at an artist/photographer called Tatiana Parcero, who also uses various techniques to project images related to her ancestry onto her body, hands and feet. They are really beautiful images taken in low key lighting.

Her images are about her Mexican heritage and how her ancestors are part of her being; and feature maps and ancient drawings.

Both photographs taken from :


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