Studio shoot with Grandad

With this shoot, my pure intention was to re-create the style of Richard Avedon’s portraiture, using black and white, medium format film, with a high key backdrop.

My Grandfather,2012 – Here are two images I have taken of my grandfather which I picked from this shoot. It is in complete reflection of the Avedon shoots, where he takes a standard waist high portrait, and displays it next to another portrait of the same person, at a closer position. This is called a Diptic, and I think it does a wonderful job in showing a bit more about the person. This aspect of Avedon’s work really influences me, and I think I will try more of this style in latter shoots.

Vladimir Horowitz, pianist, New Milford, Connecticut, August 9,1975

My thoughts on how this project is developing:

To produce high quality portraits that have a ‘timeless’ effect to them, in the theme that we are all just fragments of memory, and although we may be living in the present, sooner or later we have only photographs reminding our loved ones of our physical form. It is a sad thought, but a fact that is inevitable. How would we truly like to be remembered? Can we portray in a photograph our true selves? Through emotion/belongings/ expressions? Or is it subjective? 

My plan is to find a way to display portraits of my immediate family, asking them the question. How would YOU like to be remembered? Maybe asking them to bring something with them into the portrait that describes them. I am going to do it in this style, though I have chosen medium format, I have not yet decided on colour or black and white. As always, I appreciate your thoughts, so give me a comment if you have any ideas.


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