Back on Track

After painting the wall, I took portraits of my loved ones against it, using a smaller aperture to focus in on the eyes. Weather conditions was still an issue, the fleeting light is evident in the images. If I had more time with my family, I would have stayed there all day taking pictures, and thinking about it, I should have taken a digital shoot along side this one.

Sister, 2012

Mother, 2012

Daughter, 2012

Father, 2012

Niece, 2012

I managed to salvage what I could from this shoot, using darkroom techniques to dodge and burn out parts of the photographs. I also used split grade printing to make the whites whiter, and the darks darker.

I have asked my family members to write down a few words each, describing how they would like to be remembered. I hope to use these words by copying them onto acetate, and using them over the top of my prints during the exposures.


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