A New Project

My last project left me on a subject matter which I felt I needed to explore in greater detail, so for my self initiated work I am going to look at the subject of the home, the feminine, identity and the discovery of self. I believe I only touched on these subject matters on my last project, which I am really enthusiastic about getting my teeth into.

My initial idea is to integrate old books into my work, I have always been fascinated with the nostalgia of old books and their memory; switching hands, changing locations and eventually ending up somewhere permanent. I would quite like to reconstruct an old book, preferably one that encompasses the home, taking pages out, cutting out pictures and integrating my own photographs.

I will begin my research by looking at photographers that have looked at the home in their work, such as Peter Day, Brendan Barry, Martin Parr, Sophie Calle and other artists that use old books in there work. I hope to use books, womens journals, home manuals, exhibitions and artist talks.

I hope to use a variety of media during this project, including colour film photography, digital photography, the use of hand book binding techniques and old books.


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