How many books can you make from one tree?

Taking inspiration from Rune Guneriussen, I have decided to try and re-create his image of the trees encased in books. But before I do that, I would like to find out how many books can be made from one tree.

This link tells me that 1 cord of wood is equal to 942 – 100 page books.

Ref. 1. TAPPI ‘How Much Paper Can Be Made from a Tree?’ [Online]

This link tells me that from 3.5 trees that are 12″ in diameter can make one cord.

Ref.2. University of New Hampshire. ‘Estimating Firewood from Standing Trees’ [Online]

Using these two links, I have worked out that one tree, that is 1 foot in diameter can make 269 – 100 page books. So. I took a case of 269 books up into Haldon forest and positioned them around a 1 foot tree.

IMGP3305 It doesn’t seem much does it?IMGP3314

Looking at the images from this shoot, really made me think about how much we sacrifice when we make books on a large scale, and how important it is to use recycled paper when making books commercially. According to Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions; 

                    “Paper cannot be used over and over endlessly because the fibres eventually degrade and become unusable. Realistically, many paper fibres can be recycled no more than six to eight times.”

Maybe it is time to start being more responsible with the choices we make when buying paper.

Book ref – McKinney, M. Schoch, R. Yonavjak, L. Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Burlington, MA, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2012.



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