Final Major Project

From projects past, I have explored several ideas that I would like to expand upon.

  • The photography of toys, inasmuch as how they can apply a greater meaning, than just being photographed objectively. Especially in the eyes, how they seem knowing, like they are telling a story, pleading, full of expression, the human that we see in them.
  • The photography of things that are recycled; using things that have seen a long life, things that have survived against all odds, things that I can give a new life to.

As a young girl I was incredibly attached to all my toys, especially my china dolls. I was a bit of a recluse as a child, using my time to play on my own in my room, creating worlds and stories, and adventures with my toys. They were like my friends, each having a personality and a role. I used my toys to portray my dreams and my fantasies, to whatever I wanted to be. I would like to use this idea in my work, using the toys to portray a dream, or their own dreams – as I will be using second hand or old toys and dolls – who have stories of their own to portray; love, abandonment or maybe just a journey.

I would also like to play with the idea of the moving image, using stop motion to make the toys move, I think this will be a fascinating process. In this, I will use the toys I have collected along with an old pram to take them on a journey. As well as using stop motion to open and close their eyes, move their arms and feet.


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