Installation for the Phototgraph – Erik Kessels and Christian Boltanski

In his exhibition, aptly entitled ‘Photography in Abundance’ , Kessels has downloaded and printed off 24 hours worth of photographs from ‘Flickr’ a total of 950,000 in all, and placed them in mounds in the gallery. The installation is set in a large room, the photographs set out like the rolling hills of a picturesque countryside, the viewers encouraged to walk through, pick up, sort and sift.

 Photography in abundance

What's next?

Photography in Abundance, 2011.

Kessels, E. What’s Next? Photography in Abundance [Online] [5th April 2013]

Kessels, E. Whats next? Photography in Abundance [Online] [5th April 2013]

Modern life today, for many millions of people, is carried out in the goldfish bowl of multi media. Visual and explicit, social networking sites record every occasion, feeling, experience and message instantly. It is this essence of life which inspired Kessels to create such an exhibition, making art from the social media, which is now our way of life.

This fascinating idea, of revisitation of old images and changing their context is shared by French photographer, sculptor and installation artist Christian Boltanski who uses old imagery in his work to express his conceptions.


Personnes, 2010.

Boltanski, C. Personnes [Online] [10th April 2013]

‘Personnes’ is an installation like no other. It is a highly conceptual and minimalist installation, yet at the same time, expressionist in it’s deliverance. The great hall in which this installation is set, makes a beckoning and hallowing experience for all viewers. The room echo’s with the sounds of thousands of heartbeats, all different, all competing to be heard.

Chance and the fragility of humans is what interests Boltanski so intensely. In interviews he often talks about the connotations to life and death in his work and the importance between the connections and contradictions of the uniqueness and fragility of humankind.

Kessels and Boltanski use their art to mirror life and its consequences. Kessels work concerns the usage of photography in this present day, as his ‘Photography in Abundance’  installation shows us, how much we rely on visual media. Boltanski, however, uses contemporary themes that are often controversial.


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