Dave Hill – Adventure

I have been searching my resources for a photographer that looks at adventure and journeys in their work, and I came up top trumps with Dave Hill.

He creates absolute masterpieces by using editing software to create layers and layers of images, all on top of one another, creating the illusion of what you might find watching a 3D movie.

Every photograph is unique in this way, and I have really enjoyed looking at his photo essay – Adventure, of which I have found to be very inspiring. Here is a link to a video on his website, where each photo from the series has been taken apart, so you can see how it was put together.

http://www.davehillphoto.com/bts/     It is under the thumbnail – Adventure Exposed’

Hiding the mapHiding the Map

Where did they take her!Where did they take her!

There's the buoy!There’s the buoy!

She's almost out of air!She’s almost out of air!

the battleThe Battle

the rescueThe Rescue

Finding the keyFinding the Key

glad i quit my jobGlad I quit my job

now off to get the golden lampNow off to get the lamp

lets get out of here!Let’s get out of here!

to be continuedTo be Continued.


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