King Arthur – The Bear King

To accompany my final animation, I took the toys for photo shoots together on location, which will be printed on postcards as ‘Souveniers’ for the viewers to take. Everybody loves free stuff.

Whilst in Tintagel, I visited King Arthurs Stone, which is on the banks of a ford near Camelford.

There are many legends concerning King Arthur, a somewhat elusive character, that to this day has never been truly found. However, upon reading an excerpt from the book ‘King Arthur – The True Story’ By G.Phillips and M.Keatman, it appears that the name ‘Arthur’ may have just been a battle name, which in ancient Welsh Arth meant Bear.

“There is compelling evidence that Owain Ddantgwyn, the king of Powys around AD 500, had indeed been called The Bear.  Many of these battle-names where inherited by the chieftains’ eldest sons.  A whole succession of Welsh kings, for example, where called the Dragon during the later Dark Ages, which is why there is still such an emblem on the Welsh flag.  Gildas, writing less than half a century after the battle of Badon, actually refers to Owain Ddantgwyn’s son Cuneglasse as the Bear.  If Cuneglasse was called the Bear, then so perhaps was his father.”

So I took my Mothers old bears to the site, and took photographs of them visiting the stone, as a tribute to the old Bear King.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.32.16Swinging Bears.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.32.24Relaxing Bear

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.32.34King Arthurs Stone – The Bear King

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.32.40Observing the Stone.


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