Silent Films

My aim for my animation is to make it into a sort of silent film, using a vignette and crackles on the  screen, to make it look vintage, a reflection of the toys I have collected. During my research, I have come across two silent films from 1903, of which I have drawn some inspiration.

The first is an adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Percy Stow and Cecil Hepworth. The film has been re-mastered and tinted to what it would have been originally. Follow the link to view it.

The second is a film called ‘The Great Train Robbery’, which is a sort of early western, where bandits carry out a robbery on a train, and nearly get away with it. They are caught red handed in the woods with all the money, and are shot dead.

I have found a template for silent film titles on line, of which I can use in my animation. If you would like to so the same, follow the link below to download them. Abbott, F.N. ‘Silent Movie Title Card’ [Online] [1st May 2013]

Here is some pictures of what the titles now look like, after I have written on them.

Title - adventure

Title new




Kim n bob




dot and gwen





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